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DJ Pap Dj Pap has been on the Chicago dance scene since the early eighties. Back in the late 70’s, he studied his brother William West spinning disco and funk for people at parties called “SETS”. With this knowledge, Pap merged those concepts and techniques he learned from observing the way his brother made people boogie on the dance floor and combine the 80’s underground music to come up with his own unique way of mixing the disco and 80’s dance like, “Burnin’Up” by Imagination and “ Just Like a Doorknob” by Touche.

With his style of blending classics with the new, open doors in 1982 for Pap.

He became an established Dj on the Southside of Chicago spinning countless underground parties and promoting his own dance night. This led him in the path of starting one of the longest south side underground function, “Bonnie’s Basement”. It was a smaller version of the Music Box, which was the hottest club in Chicago to hear slamming music by legendary Dj Ron Hardy. Bonnie’s Basement was a four-year run, with other Dj’s like Boo Williams, Glenn Underground and Jamile Patton. It was the place to go for the younger house heads that couldn’t get in the clubs.

Other promoters recognized Pap’s underground delivery of mixing pure dance music and soulful vibes. By the end of the eighties his name was all over the city of Chicago. He played at the Future Shock with Mike Winston, the Warehouse with Diz and Jeff Sims.

Currently traveling across the states dejaying and working on his Naked Soul music productions, which started in 1995 with the other half of Naked Soul, Will Paris. Pap continues to contribute to do the world of HOUSE MUSIC. His skill of mixing transcended into programming deep and soulful music for the labels Muzik Vision Records and Trax Records that brought world recognition. From the amazing track “Voices of Ituri” which was featured on a Variety show in South Africa called “SELIMATHUNZI” to the major compilation on “AFRO TRONIC” on the German stamp AUDIOPHARM.

Other top singles for Dj Pap include his deep and popular Smooth Agent  release “Africa”, and  “Come Back Baby” featured on Seasons recordings ran by California’s own house music guru Jamie Thinnes. Future projects in the works consists of a collaboration with halo of City Deep Music and remixes scheduled for several house labels in and out of the USA.


Come Back Baby - Seasons Recordings

Voices Of Ituri - L’Amour Records

Lost In Ituri- Trax Records

DJ Pap Mixes

DJ Pap - Undefeated - 03/01/2006

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